Thank you for investing time to explore unconscious (sometimes called “implicit”) bias and the impact it can have on our decisions and our behavior. As leaders, we must first be self-aware. Only then can we create a plan for improving ourselves and addressing our own unconscious bias in order to model positive behaviors for and towards others. This three-part Unconscious Bias Learning Experience will help you to identify your personal biases (we all have them), reflect on what you learn about yourself, and illuminate your path forward.

This entire learning experience should take about 60 minutes.

Step One: Watch the overview video (20 min) on Unconscious Bias below, which will provide introductory information on bias and will walk you through how to engage in this experience.

Step Two: Take the assessments (20 min). You can take them right away, or return to them later. Just ensure you follow through and complete them… and don’t forget to review your results! Note: these assessments requires a laptop or desktop computer. Use of a phone or small tablet will impact the ability to capture your responses properly.

Step Three: Listen to a podcast (20 min) to help you unpack what you learn about your unconscious bias and how to implement necessary strategies in your day to day life.

Ready? Let’s move forward!

Take the Harvard Implicit Bias Assessment. Please have your organization password handy for this step.

After you take the Harvard Implicit Bias Assessment, click here to finish the program.