2021 DEI Initiative Program Overview

Phase I of the PFA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative is now over, but you can still access the Harvard Implicit Bias Assessments for free! For more information, click Exploring Unconscious Bias in the website menu above. 

Phase I: Exploring Unconscious/Implicit Bias with the Harvard Implicit Bias Assessments asks students to start with themselves on this journey to create more equitable able inclusive communities. To begin, we take you through a series of pages that provide information and context about unconscious bias including a video to explain the process, 2-3 unconscious or implicit bias assessments with the Harvard Implicit Bias Assessments, and a follow-up podcast and worksheet that helps you unpack your results and create action items moving forward. To start Phase 1, click here.

DEI Initiative Phase II

Phase II of the PFA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative was known as Train the Trainer. In this training, we prepare you to train your staff, volunteers, facilitators, or whoever else on how to train others on your DEI program. In the DEI Resources linked at the top of the page, you will find a digital packet of links and downloadable/editable resources as well as a training presentation to help with facilitating your training. While we have already conducted our live trainings, we have recorded the sessions for you to access if you were unable to attend the live training, or would like to review the training again.

DEI Initiative Phase III

The PFA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative Phase III is the Organization Diversity Audit. This was presented at the 2021 PFA Annual Conference, but it's not too late to take advantage of the tools and resources to complete your own Diversity Audit. We will have these resources available in the DEI Resource Center along with instructions to complete and follow up with your Diversity Audit!