DEII Program Guide and Materials

Thank you for visiting our PFA DEII Program Guide and Materials page where we upload marketing materials such as social media graphics, printable flyers, email text templates, and more. Please feel free to use these in whichever way they are helpful for you! If you would like further assistance in rolling out the PFA DEII to your members, reach out at [email protected]

Social Media Graphics:

Exploring Unconscious Bias Instagram
Starting with Ourselves Instagram 

Printable Flyers:

DEII Full Page PDF

Email Text Templates:

Phase I Launch Email Text
Phase I Follow-up Email Text
Post Phase I Resources Email Text

Phase I Survey Example:

The purpose of this survey is to gauge membership participation in the PFA DEI Initiative. It is our way of maintaining member anonymity apart from their Unconscious Bias results. It simply asks close-ended questions about whether you completed the PFA DEII Phase I – Unconscious Bias. This is an example of the questions/fields and the field type we suggest.
PFA DEII Phase I Participation Survey